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Marseille Airport

Marseille Airport is located 27 kilometers Northwest of Marseille. It is called Aéroport de Marseille Provence by some people. It is in the area of Marignane in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur région of France and managed by the Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 1934. It was formerly called Marseille-Marignane Airport. In France, it is the fifth busiest airport with 6,155,154 passengers in 2006, 6,963,000 passengers in 2007, 6,965,933 passengers in 2008, 7,290,119 in 2009 and 7,522,167 in 2010. And the number is always increasing yearly. A new terminal called MP2 was opened in September 2006 for budget airlines. Air France has its main hub in this airport. There are other airlines that have made the airport their hubs too like XL Airways France, Vueling, Ukraine International Airlines, Twin Jet, Tunisair, TAP Portugal operated by Portugália, Syphax Airlines, Sky Airlines, Ryanair, Pegasus Airlines,Royal Air Maroc, Lufthansa, Jet4you, Freebird Airlines, Iberia

operated by Air Nostrum, El Al, EasyJet, Brussels Airlines and British Airways to name some of the airline.

Marseille Airport is accessible easily by a lot of roadways from different parts of France that connects it to Marseille. Taking cars or taxi services are preferred because of the structure of transportation that has been put in place. There are lots of things that are seen when you are taking Marseille Airport which is why the airport is very friendly to visitors. And because of these, there lots of shops that are seen around the airport. Florists understand that coming to the city would need flowers that would be given to loved ones and also to friends. This is the reason why floral shops are around Marseille airport for one to pick. There are shops for those who would want to make a foreign currency exchange right in the airport. Everything that would give a passenger the comfort that he or she needs from an airport is given to them at Marseille airport.

The customer care services are immaculate. And because some people are not French citizens, language barriers are broken with translators that are everywhere at the airport. There are shops for eating in Marseille Airport. This is what would help a visitor eat continental, local and exotic meals before departing from the airport. The waiting hall where passengers make use is designed in such a way that anyone there would feel free. And because the airport management understands that comfort and luxury is paramount to their visitors, they have made available a lot of shops that would give these passengers this privilege. And for those who would want to buy things for themselves and loved ones, there are shops around that would support them with consumer goods. And for tourists, there are lots of tourist’s support kits that can be gotten over the counters.

And for those who are coming with cargoes, there are cargoes airlines in Marseille Airport that would help them with their transporting of the goods. Car hire is made special for those who would want to take another luxury out of the airport. There are lots of car hire services that would help the numerous passengers make their departure very smooth. And those who would want to take buses, there are lots of bus services that would help them with their transportation. There is nothing that is less when it comes to transportation of tourists and visitors. The security that is in place is excellent which means that it would be difficult for any crime to be committee without notice. This is one important feature that Marseille airport has for the safety of the users of the airport.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Marseille Provence
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
43° 26’ 12" N
Longitude (DMS):
5° 12’ 54" E
Passengers (2017):
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3,500m (11,483ft)
45m (148ft)
2,370m (7,776ft)
45m (148ft)