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Marseille Tourist Attractions

Coming to Marseille the first time can be fun because it has a lot of places to offer you in tourism. From Marseille Provence Airport you are presented with lots of places to visit in Marseille. And if you are here for your holidays, it would be an added advantage to you because you have a lot of places to explore. You must not be in Paris to enjoy yourself because every part of France has its own beauty and tourism centre. The first thing that should be known is that these parts of France are located in the Southeast part of France which on the coast. It is the biggest port in France. And because it has a long history over 2500 years, there are lots of historical places that it would provide to a tourist. There are a large number of clubs, theatres, museums and so many places to appreciate.

There is no place in this city that has nothing to give you when it comes to food, tourism and adventure. This is the reason why people who are coming to this part of the world have become happy with the tourism that is available. This is not a city that would not take care of their tourists which is why coming here is welcomed. Hotels are affordable if you take your time in looking for one. The way these hotels are situated makes it very easy to access. This is why anyone can make use of these hotels for their rest and comfort when they need a place to lay their heads. From Marseille Provence Airport, any visitor would see the vast opportunities that are all over the city because of its popularity. The booklets that would be given to visitors and tourists would be able to help them explore this beautiful city.

One of the beautiful places that would gladden the heart of a visitor is when he or she visits is the Vieux Port. This can be visited from Marseille Provence Airport .The meaning of this port is ‘Old Port’. This port is located in a great location that would open the water world to a visitor. And because of the interesting sights that are around this port with busting areas like La Canebière and Le Panier. There is another place where holiday makers visit when they are in Marseille; l'Escale Borely. This filled with shops with every important thing that a visitor or holiday maker wants. With a waterfront that is amazing to visit during the night, one would be able to make use of the scene for a romantic setting.

From Marseille Provence Airport make sure that you eat from Bouillabaisse. This is the place where local meals that are exotic are served especially sea foods.

Abbaye Saint Victor is where the tomb of Saint Victor is which dates back to the fifth century. This connects to the Old Port too. This means that the car that is bringing you from Marseille Provence Airport would not have challenge coming to this place. there are lots of crypts to visit and also special places to be around. Chateau d'If is the famours chateau that gave birth to the novel 'The Count of Monte Cristo', by Alexandre Dumas. Notre Dame de la Garde is the 500 feet tall cathedral that has the statue of the Virgin and her child. And the journery is unending when it comes to places to visit and what to do when you are in Marseille. And when you are here, it is less expensive when you do your homework on where to visit before embarking on one.