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Marseille Airport Parking

Marseille Provence Airport has a lot of car parks that a passenger can make use while in Marseille. The airport management would advise people to book on time for the space instead of getting stranded when they arrive the airport. There is the "chèque parking" that would give a passenger a favourable parking rate. There are also valet parking services too for those who need great service while at the airport. There are lots of services that are provided for those who need battery when their car battery runs flat. Parking at Marseille Provence airport is one facility that passengers can enjoy while in Marseille Provence. There are lots of parking spaces that can be used. The special parking is designed for those who are disabled or for women. The information on this parking space can be gotten online or from the airport management. The use and fees including the parking control system can be asked while going for the space of a car at the airport. And if you are going to pay on the spot, there are lots of cash payment machines around for you to use. There are signs that would indicate where disabled parking can be done in the parking blocks and car parks at the airport.

There is a car park at terminal 4 where one can park his or car according to the fees that is negotiated. The parking space fees vary according to the package that the passenger negotiated for. This is the reason why it is advised that passengers or car owners make use of the online booking for their car parking at Marseille Provence Airport. And because of the various terminals that are seen at the airport, one would be able to able to use the available terminal parking space too. If you are not from this part of the world, you can change the currencies at some of the currency changing points at the Marseille Provence airport.