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Aeroport de Marseille Provence, Marignane, F-13727, Marseille (France)
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Europcar Marseille Airport

Make sure that the hiring firm has an office or receptionist readily available at the airport reception desk or at the compound as the idea of someone holding a Europcar cardboard bearing your name can be frustrating when you cannot locate the person or the person is standing in an opposite or wrong direction or at worst when you arrive before the person. This will warrant the extra cost on your side in terms of phone call charges.

The idea of your safety and that of the Europcar car should be clearly stated other wise do not hire. There must be insurance covering the Europcar car in the case of Europcar car theft. Make sure that you understand what will prompt extra charges from the Europcar car for example roof racks, child seat and so on. Read the terms and conditions, understand and agree first before hiring from Marseille Airport.

Cars tell the status of a person. Most celebrities use lots of exotic and luxury cars to upgrade their ego while in Marseille Airport from Marseille Airport . Most of these cars you see them drive round Marseille Airport are mostly not theirs. Most of these cars they get from Europcar car hiring companies. This is because it saves them the money of buying those cars and paying for parking spaces that they do not need because they are staying for a short time. Hiring a Europcar car serves them most as they hire the best and latest exotic cars, use it during the time the car is in vogue and return it to the Europcar hiring company and takes another bigger luxury car. If you do not know this little secret you will wonder where they got the money to acquire them or may be they make rooster for the cars they drive each time. The secret is based on Europcar car hire companies from the airport.